Shaun Rodgers Pembrokeshire Sea Kayak Festival Coach

Is he South African? Is he Irish? Is he Greek? Who knows for sure but he’s definitely a great bloke.

The first time Shaun went kayaking was on the Zambezi (not the big WW part) and he learned that when people say they will be leaving at first light, they will leave at first light! Shaun awoke to no one being there and had to chase them down the river to catch up! Fortunately this didn’t put him off and he’s complete other big expeditions such as the Ionian chain of Greek Islands.

When I asked him how come he hadn’t been to visit us yet, despite being the UK for a number of years now, his reply was “Well I thought I’d save the best ’til last”. Be sure to ask him for his great stories, he’s a real character and we’re delighted he accepted our invitation to the Pembrokeshire Sea Kayak Festival; watch the video and hear Shaun tell you why he’s looking forward to attending.

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