Detailed Festival Sessions

There’ll be lots of adventurous and exciting kayaking sessions taking place during the festival.
Read on to discover exactly what to expect when you join us.

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Boat handling skills boat handling Learn how to move your sea kayak easily and how to apply those flat water skills in more lumpy water with wind and waves. Perfect for level one and two paddlers.
Journeying journeying-1 Discover why Pembrokeshire was designated the UK’s only coastal national park in 1952 when you see the amazing geology exposed on sheltered cliffs or if the weather allows take in one of the many offshore islands, all home to rare breeds of birds. October is also seal pupping season and the secluded beaches will be full of pups. Where ever the weather allows your trip to be, you won’t be dissapointed. Journeys can be planned for you as a level one to four paddler.
Navigation navigation-1 Can you plan a safe sea kayaking trip? Which way will the tide take you? How far is that headland? How long will it take? What speed do you paddle at? Can you do it all in the fog or at night? All questions that a navigation day can help you with whether you’re a sheltered water coastal explorer or have dreams to paddle across open seas. Sessions will be tailored to you as a level one to four paddler.
Rock gardening moving-water-1 The art of moving your sea kayak through rock channels by utilising any waves or swell that maybe present. You will learn how to read the water, risk assess conditions in the surf zone and how to help your fellow paddler if things go wrong. Whatever your level, Pembrokeshire has a variety of sheltered rock hopping areas as well as those that catch Atlantic swell from 3000 miles away. Sessions can be run for level one to four paddlers.
Moving water Moving-Water-3 Learn how to cope with tidal streams, play on the waves they create and manouvere your sea kayak where you want to go, not where the tide is taking you. There are plenty of tideraces of the headlands for you to play as well as places like the Bitches for the more experienced. Sessions will be for level two to four paddlers.
Rough water rough-water-1 No matter how great your planning there are times when conditions are rougher than forecast. It’s important that you can still manouvere your sea kayak and get home safely to play another day when the winds and waves pick up. On a rough water session you can expect to be challenged under the watchful eye of an experienced coach. Perfect for level two to four paddlers.
Surfing Surfing-2 The best way to learn how to land and launch safely in surf is to learn how to coexist with those breaking waves and With more blue flag beaches than anywhere in the UK, Pembrokeshire catches the best waves in all of Wales. Whether your a seasoned surfer or still learning how to balance sideways in waves there’ll be beach suitable to progress your surfing skills. For level two to four paddlers.
Incident management incident-mgmt-1 Incident management could be as simple as rescuing a friend who has capsized to dealing with more serious events such as kit failure or injury in open waters. With years of experiences your coach will have seen many of the things that can go wrong and will provide you with essential skills you need to prevent incidents as well how you can get things right when they go wrong. Perfect for level two to four paddlers.
Leadership leadership-1 Do others look to you for guidance on the sea? This session will look at different strategies for managing groups on the sea, dealing with more committed routes and how to make sure everyone gets home safely when problems arise. Perfect for levels two to four; sessions will be suited to your skill level.
Kayak sailing kayak-sailing-1 Sailing a sea kayak has been popular “down under” for a long time and we know that the Inuits used to use sails on their kayaks; indeed, the ‘Godfather’ of British kayaking, Rob Roy, used one on his. On this session you can master this skill so you can also utilise the wind to cover greater distances, faster. Suitable for level two to four paddlers.